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 【Hillhouse capital: China's PE Institutions inject new energy for innovation and development into the resilience of the real economy】 recently, the relevant head of Hillhouse capital said that finance, as the blood of the real economy, its mission is to serve the real economy, and the capital market plays a leading role in the financial operation. Among them, the development of China's PE Institutions is at the right time. In the fields of further optimizing the allocation of overall market resources, deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and the implementation of innovation strategy, they continue to provide the original kinetic energy, innovation kinetic energy and stability kinetic energy, becoming an important force to enhance China's economic resilience and enhance the vitality of the capital market. (China Securities Network) 【Goldman Sachs: the current temporary disorder of Saudi Crude oil output has a neutral impact on the balance of oil and gas in Europe and a potential negative impact on us natural gas. 】 【Goldman Sachs: the 2-6 week shutdown may cause Brent crude oil price to fluctuate 4-14 USD / barrel below 75 USD / barrel. 】 【U.S. energy secretary Perry: I believe the market has enough resilience to survive the Saudi oil field attack, and will respond positively to the attack. 】 【Goldman Sachs: if the impact of the shutdown exceeds 5 million barrels / day for 40-45 days, the oil inventory will decline by the end of the year, and the number of days that can meet future demand will be reduced by 4 days compared with the normal situation. 】 【【exchange rate】 the onshore RMB closed at 7.0640 against the US dollar at 16:30 on September 16, up 242 points from the previous trading day. 】 【source: Saudi Aramco has changed the shipping classification standard from light crude oil to heavy crude oil. 】 【Goldman Sachs: US strategic oil reserve (SPR) is enough to maintain the oil market balance for several months. 】 【market news: according to local officials, the armed forces in eastern Libya have set Sirte, the central city of Libya, as a military target for air strikes. 】 【Germany's economy minister, Mr. altmeyer, has told bankers that it's not a good idea to send negative interest rates to millions of depositors. 】 【quotes】 spot gold once returned to below $1500 / oz, down $13 from intraday highs, down 0.8% to $1502.33/oz. 】 【source: it may take several months for Saudi Aramco to fully resume production to normal production levels. 】 【National Bureau of Statistics: the data of the fourth economic census will be released at the right time after being reviewed in recent two months】 according to Xinhua news agency, at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council on the 16th, Fu Linghui, spokesman of the National Bureau of statistics, said that the National Bureau of statistics will further review the data of the fourth economic census in September and October, and then release the economic census announcement at the right time, Publish key data results. On this basis, the national economic aggregate in 2018 will be revised to further promote the unified accounting of regional GDP. 】 【Goldman Sachs: a 25% increase in oil prices is expected to reduce demand by 400000 B / D and 700000 B / D in the next two quarters respectively. 】 【Trade Minister of India: any announcement of a trade agreement depends on the Prime Minister of India and the president of the United States. 】 【Bailey, head of the financial conduct authority, is listening to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange's acquisition of the London Stock Exchange, but will not take a stand. 】 【flash】 Veronica nikishina, trade minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission, said the first FTA agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and Singapore would be signed on October 1. (Satellite News) 【German Foreign Minister Maas: we are working with our partners to find out the culprit of the Saudi attack. 】 【Trade Minister of India: India will look at trade with the United States from an open perspective. 】 【quick news】 Russia will reduce crude oil export tariff to US $87.2 per ton from October 1. (Sina)  
 【希尔豪斯资本:中国体育机构为实体经济的韧性注入创新发展的新能源】近日,希尔豪斯资本相关负责人表示,金融作为实体经济的血液,其使命是为实体经济服务,资本市场在金融运行中起着主导作用。其中,我国体育事业的发展正是时候。在进一步优化市场总体资源配置、深化金融供给侧结构性改革、促进产业结构调整和实施创新战略等方面,继续提供原始动能、创新动能和稳定动能成为增强我国经济韧性、增强资本市场活力的重要力量。(中国证券网) 【高盛:目前沙特原油产量暂时失调,对欧洲油气平衡产生中性影响,对美国天然气有潜在负面影响】 【高盛:2-6周的停产可能导致布伦特原油价格在75美元/桶以下波动4-14美元/桶】 【美国能源部长佩里:我相信市场有足够的弹性在沙特油田袭击中幸存下来,并将积极应对袭击】 【高盛:如果停产影响超过500万桶/天,持续40-45天,年底石油库存将下降,能够满足未来需求的天数将比正常情况减少4天】 【汇率】9月16日16:30,境内人民币对美元汇率报7.0640,较前一交易日上涨242点。】 【来源:沙特阿美已将航运分类标准从轻质原油改为重质原油。】 【高盛:美国战略石油储备(SPR)足以维持数月的石油市场平衡】 【市场消息:据当地官员透露,利比亚东部武装部队已将利比亚中心城市苏尔特定为空袭的军事目标。】 【德国经济部长阿尔特迈耶告诉银行家,向数百万储户发放负利率不是个好主意】 【行情】现货金一度回到1500美元/盎司以下,较盘中高点下跌13美元,至1502.33美元/盎司下跌0.8% 【消息来源:沙特阿美可能需要几个月才能完全恢复正常生产水平。】 【国家统计局:第四次经济普查数据将于近两个月审查后适时发布】据新华社电国务院新闻办公室16日举行新闻发布会,国家统计局新闻发言人傅凌辉表示,国家统计局将进一步审核9、10月份第四次经济普查数据,然后适时发布经济普查公告,公布重点数据结果。在此基础上,对2018年国民经济总量进行修订,进一步推进区域GDP统一核算】 【高盛:预计未来两个季度,油价上涨25%将分别减少40万桶/日和70万桶/日的需求】 【印度贸易部长:任何贸易协定的宣布都取决于印度总理和美国总统。】 金融行为管理局负责人贝利正在聆听香港证券交易所收购伦敦证交所的消息,但不肯接受。】 【快讯】欧亚经济委员会(eurasian economic commission)贸易部长维罗妮卡•尼基什纳(veronica nikishina)表示,欧亚经济联盟与新加坡将于10月1日签署第一份fta协议。(卫星新闻) 【德国外交部长马斯:我们正在与我们的伙伴合作,找出沙特袭击的罪魁祸首。】 【印度贸易部长:印度将以开放的视角看待与美国的贸易】 【快讯】俄罗斯将从10月1日起将原油出口关税降至每吨87.2美元(新浪)  

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